Olin Snapshot

Spring 2019


How do Olin’s marketing materials a representation of Olin’s community? For a semester, I worked on a team of ten to design a student-directed, student-written marketing publication for visitors to Olin. In designing this publication, we balanced the need to communicate critical pieces of information about Olin with our desire to highlight stories and elements of Olin that wouldn’t normally get attention in marketing materials.

We created Olin Snapshot, an 8-page publication featuring stories from Olin students and pieces chosen to reflect different elements of the Olin community: our schedules, our hobbies, our snacking habits. In addition to making Chocostats, I was in charge of laying out Snapshot’s stories and content in InDesign.

The front cover

The front spread

Chocostats close-up

Student stories

Front and back covers