chocostats (food experiment 1)

Spring 2019


How do we represent statistics about Olin? As part of Olin Snapshot, a Greenhouse project, I undertook the task of re-imagining statistics about Olin featured in marketing materials by making an infographic out of chocolate. Representing data with chocolate makes it more tangible, and more easily moldable, but also messier.

A rendering of the chocolate icon shape


The laser-cut positive

Creating the silicone mold

Illustrator design → laser-cut positive → food-safe silicone mold → chocolate relief. Tiny details in the design broke off easily when removing the chocolates from the mold; it took several iterations to create a design that was sturdy enough for details to remain.

Axes and labels were designed in Illustrator, cut out of vinyl, and arranged by hand.

Arranging elements

The photography shoot

Final Product

Chocostats in Olin Snapshot

The final shot