AHS Capstone Online

Spring 2020


Due to the shifting of Olin classes online for the latter half of the Spring 2020 semester, my AHS (Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences) Capstone class chose to celebrate the completion of our final projects in virtual form.

I designed and built a custom static website to present our work, AHS Cap Online. You can view the site, and the projects, here: ahscap.olin.build.

AHS CAP Online


The second part of the AHS Capstone online experience is AHS Capstone VR–a translation of the end-of-semester Capstone project presentation into virtual form. In order to make this experience accessible to visitors, I built a browser-based experience using AFrame.JS, creating a simplified model of the Olin Library and adding interactive objects for visitors to view the project pages. Evan New-Schmidt implemented copresence functionality with emoji selection, so visitors can react and see other visitors in real time. You can view the virtual exhibit here: ahscap.olin.build/exhibit.

AHS CAP Online

AHS CAP Online